Design-time to run-time validation

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Progress Actional 8.0 Enterprise is intended to be used to detect and deal with problems and exceptions that disrupt business transactions. Rather than using traditional network maps, it provides a transaction view of an application using a transaction topology map. This allows architects and developers to create filtered views of the information. For example, a map of process steps can be rendered against a timeline how the steps have changed over time. Its flow mapping technology can now be used in either a pre-production environment (even in simulations running on a developer’s desktop), or in a large-scale integration-test lab to trace an individual transaction’s flow across the production environment. Message flows can also now be tracked, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) applied and audit trails captured, even when a business transaction flows through a legacy application or a package with no custom Actional agent, thus providing visibility into as wide a range of process steps as possible. It automatically correlates custom application log messages to the individual business transaction that triggered them and can apply policies to selectively store log entries or filter sensitive information from logs. Its exception management enables an application support team to address business level failures such as transactions that fail due to incorrect data entry.

Actional 8.0 Enterprise can support more than 1,000 monitoring and control nodes from a single server while using less than two percent of the CPU’s capacity on the managed node. Supported platforms include Apache CXF and Camel, Oracle Service Bus, Progress Artix Data Services, TIBCO Business Works, SAP NetWeaver, WebMethods Integration Server, and support for POX and REST services.

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