Nokia re-releases Symbian source code

Nearly 6 months after taking control of the Symbian Foundation, Nokia have finally released the Symbian source code onto their website.

Back in November last year we reported that Nokia was shuttering the Symbian Foundation that it had started just 18 months previously. At that time, the Foundation had just finished its primary goal of open-sourcing the Symbian mobile operating system and framework. Nokia continued Symbian development in-house, but vowed to make Symbian open again.

They have now announced on their Symbian blog that almost all of the Symbian code is now back online and available. However, there is a lot of documentation and a few libraries still missing.

“We have been working hard to turn most Symbian Foundation era materials into the new framework – for example, checking ownerships and use of rights for masses of documents – and are proud to announce that almost all of the source code is now uploaded” writes Petra Söderling of the Symbian division of Nokia. “The few remaining source files, tools and documents will be uploaded over the next few weeks.”

The source code is a “snapshot” of Nokia’s most recent code base, and while Nokia say they will not provide built code, they will provide tools that enable developers to build the software and run it on devices.

Late last month Google came under fire for delaying the open-source release of its latest Android Honeycomb operating system.

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