NetBeans 7 arrives, with Java, Oracle systems and alternative language support

The NetBeans Project has released version 7 of their IDE with a large number of features undoubtedly put forward by its sponsor organisation Oracle.

First up is support for the JDK 7, which is currently in a pre-release preview phase. You can now use Project Coin language features along with code completion and hints in the IDE.

Additional support for Oracle products comes with streamlined deployment to WebLogic Server and better integration with the IDE. There is also simplified support with a connection wizard and JDBC driver installation for the Oracle Database.

Meanwhile in the Java world, GlassFish – an open source application server – version 3.1 support has arrived, along with Maven 3, JUnit 4.8.2 integration, and a range of features in Java EE.

Java is not the only language NetBeans is widely used for, and there are improvements across the other languages that it works with natively. There is support for editing HTML 5 web pages, and a JSON formatting system that anyone who works with web APIs will be pleased to have built-in. PHP support has been improved with PHPDoc generation, improved refactoring, and support for some newer features of PHP 5.3, and more.

NetBeans 7 is available for download now.

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