JRebel 4.0 Aims To Reduce Java Redeployments

ZeroTurnaround’s latest JRebel 4.0 Java Virtual Machine plugin is vying for a place in the Java developer’s toolkit with a promise to reduce redeployment times. With what its makers describe as “clearer insight” into dynamic app changes, ZeroTurnaround cites its own research -- which claims that Java developers spend an average of 10.5 minutes of every coding hour redeploying.

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“With this latest JRebel release, we’ve broadened our attack campaign against redeploys, the natural enemy of Java developers worldwide,” said ZeroTurnaround CEO, David Booth. “When Java developers want to see the effects of new code (or make changes to existing code), they have to redeploy their entire application - even to see the smallest changes. We’d like to enable Java developers to start up their container when they start working, and know that’s the last time they’ll have to do it all day -- with JRebel 4.0, we’re 95% of the way there,” explained Booth.

ZeroTurnaround has made some bold product assertions and said its goal is to make Java development as fast and iterative as programming languages like Ruby or Python. Once again relying on its own fairly ‘unsubstantiated’ internal research, the company estimates that is has already prevented over 33 million redeploys for 11,000+ Java developers worldwide.

JRebel 4.0 adds features such as integration with HotSwap, new EJB support for more versions of JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere & Glassfish, support for anonymous class renaming and a dozen new integrations with various technologies.

This latest version of JRebel arrives just a couple of weeks after the debut of LiveRebel, ZeroTurnaround’s tool intended for use when updating live production apps across an entire cluster. Both JRebel and LiveRebel have annual subscriptions fees, but there are free licenses available for Open Source and Scala projects.

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