HTML 5 support in Visual Studio arrives with official update

Developers building web applications with Visual Studio now have a tool that can help them keep up with the ever-changing landscape of HTML 5.

Microsoft’s Web Platform and Tools team have released the first Visual Studio Web Standards Update. This update to Visual Studio adds support for HTML 5, CSS 3 and newer JavaScript features in the IDE.

While all HTML 5 features were previously fully supported – in that you could make use of them as much as you liked – they weren’t supported by Intellisense and auto-suggestions. This update means that there will be no more red squiggly lines underneath

tags, among other things.

There are set to be more updates arriving as new features become available to developers. “HTML5 moves fast, and this update will aim to keep up with it” writes Scott Hanselman of the Web Platform division. “The goal is perhaps an update every quarter or so as new features or elements emerge.”

The list supported so far is comprehensive – video/audio; microdata; and the recently announced all make it in on the HTML side, along with the Geo and Local Storage JavaScript APIs, and a whole range of CSS 3 features.

The update is available from the Visual Studio gallery.

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