Resharper 6 arrives with hugely improved web language support

The latest version of Resharper, the popular set of developer tools for Visual Studio from JetBrains, is now available to download.

The headline new features are all focussed around building web apps in Visual Studio: HTML, CSS and JavaScript support are now available, as well as support for the ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor view engine. This means developers writing JavaScript can benefit from code completion and the usual editor sugar they are used to when working with other languages.

Also shipping with Resharper 6 is the JetBrains decompiler. This was brought into existence following competitor RedGate’s decision to start charging for its extremely popular Reflector product. There is also a standalone, free edition of the compiler to be delivered soon. Currently it is in an early testing phase with users.

“Built on the philosophy of external sources, ReSharper 6 facilitates navigation of source code, whether it belongs to our solution, the .NET framework or any third party library” writes Hadi Hariri of JetBrains. “With this new release, we have gone way and beyond merely providing new features.”

Resharper 5 licenses purchased after April 26th this year get free upgrades to Resharper 6 – otherwise it’s a 30 day free trial until you’re required to cough up £259 for a commercial license.

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