Mono pushes forward with new company, OS X Lion compatibility

Mono 2.10.3 has been released: usually we would not report on minor version updates, but this one is a landmark for a number of reasons.

First of all, 2.10.3 is the first Mono release to be made by the newly-formed Xamarin company. This was announced back in July, and is now the organisation that organises all of the work on the Mono projects, taking ownership from Novell who had intended to wind down the organisation in cutbacks. Miguel de Icaza spun it out into Xamarin and they are now working on the entire Mono toolchain, alongside Novell, to allow the community to continue with its development and production efforts.

This release also brings Mono up to date to work with Mac OS X Lion. A few bugs prevented MonoDevelop, for example, working under the new OS, and those have now been ironed out.

Xamarin have also hinted at the new changes coming in Mono for C# 5 support. The current C# 5 public release is fully supported in the Mono trunk with two backends (System.Reflection.Emit and the new IKVM.Reflection), so developers can look forward to seeing that in a production release in the near future.

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