Motorola to sue own kind, take on Android partners?

In addition to joining Sony Ericsson and LG as loss-making Android-powered mobile phone manufacturers in the last quarter, Motorola have decided that they are going to join Apple’s patent fight against Android.

The move is confusing for many reasons, the most pertinent of which is that Motorola now uses exclusively Android operating systems for its smartphone offerings, not creating its own software or using Windows Phone 7, unlike other manufacturers such as HTC.

Motorola Mobility’s chairman Sanjay Jha stated in a recent presentation at the Oppenheimer Technology and Communications Conference, according to Apple Insider, that “we [Motorola] have a very large IP portfolio and I think in the long term, as things settle down, you will see a meaningful difference in positions of many different Android players. Both, in terms of avoidance of royalties, as well as potentially being able to collect royalties.”

“That will make a big difference to people who have very strong IP positions.”

In addition to threatening to take Android partners to court if they encroach on Moto’s patents, the company is already at the legal stage with Apple, who have responded with counter-claims and threats to extend their ban on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Europe to also cover the Xoom, Motorola’s Android-powered tablet.

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