Async CTP v3 arrives to combat Windows Updates

The Async CTP, a preview of future asynchronous functionality in .NET applications, has had a refresh in order to combat a number of installation issues.

Microsoft says that a large number of users reported issues with their Async CTP installations; the team has since identified that the issue was caused by a Windows update.

“The reason [for the two new CTP releases] is that Visual Studio and .NET4 keep being updated” writes Lucian Wischik of the Microsoft team behind the CTP. “The Async CTP is actually a mini-fork of VS2010. Therefore, each time there’s a Windows Update which includes changes to the VB or C# compilers, then the Async CTP gets out of date: the update will break the Async CTP if you have it on your machine, and it’ll block the Async CTP from being installed on top of it.”

“So far these conflicting updates have been coming out about once every six months, and so we’ve had to re-release the Async CTP every six months.”

The post also goes on to describe how users who think they have a broken release can go about determining if this is so, and then how to fix the issue.

The version 3 release also fixes a crash intermittently when working with VB projects, and is now ready for download.

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