Android's new features come with a major lawsuit to boot

It’s all kicked off in the world of Android over the past 24 hours.

Yesterday, Google announced a wave of what can only be described as little bits and pieces for the mobile operating system. These included voice control across many features of the OS (for example, you can just say “call Mum” and it will) called Voice Actions, and a new version of Chrome to Phone, a Google Chrome extension / Android app pair that make use of Android's latest version’s cloud notification push ability to push web pages you are viewing in Chrome on your computer directly to your phone to carry on reading on the go. On top of that, popular Twitter application TweetDeck launched the public beta of its Android version.

Then news broke that Oracle, new owners of Java following their purchase of Sun Microsystems, had opened up a lawsuit against Google for their use of Java in the Android operating system. It’s still a little unclear as to exactly why Oracle have decided to start this litigation, as Sun originally seemed extremely happy that Google were making use of the technology in their up-and-coming mobile platform.

Meanwhile, we tick ever closer to October’s release of Windows Phone 7, with Microsoft entering the smartphone market with Apple, Google, Nokia, RIM and more.

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