Open source key-value database Redis 2 is out

Redis, the open-source key-value database, is now stable at version 2.0.

The new release includes a wide range of changes, upgrades and major features.

The substantial new commands include the MULTI/EXEC family. Acting in a similar way to transactions, they allow developers to specify a series of commands that are guaranteed to be executed successively, i.e. without the commands from another thread interrupting them. The results from each of the operations are then returned all at the same time.

The "blocking pop" functions allow developers to specify that connections to Redis queues should block until there is an item made available to retrieve, similar to "watchers" in the Kestrel queue. The Publish and Subscribe commands add a broadcast feature to Redis for multiple clients to dispatch and receive all the data for a single queue. The Virtual Memory feature also allows Redis to finally expand to contain more data than actual memory is available in RAM. All this on top of many speed, reliability and stability improvements since the previous release.

You can find out more about Redis' new features on the Wiki, or download it from Google Code.

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