Mono gains profiler, expects to add F# support

Mono, the open-source cross-platform implementation of the .NET framework, has just had a log profiler added to help developers debug their applications.

Paolo Molaro, one of the contributors on Mono, committed the profiler on the Github project yesterday. The profiler allows developers to analyse the runtime behaviour of their application, measure and extract information on resource usage, investigate performance issues and more. Events provided by the Mono runtime are passed through a profiling interface, which periodically writes the data to a file. There is a new command line app which can be used to read the file and provide analysis functions.

Also yesterday, Miguel de Icaza, the leader of the Mono project, also announced that the project intends to distribute the F# language as part of Mono for both OS X and Linux operating systems. Last week we reported that Microsoft had open-sourced the compiler and core libraries for F#, and with this, distribution to other platforms is now possible. Miguel says it will almost certainly run “out of the box” on Mono for Android and Wii, but due to F#’s wide use of generics, it will need additional work to add support for the iPhone and PS3, which require the Mono static compiler.

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