Building F# apps under Linux and OS X just got a lot easier

It’s all been happening in the world of F# in the past couple of weeks. Earlier in the month Microsoft announced the open-source availability of the F# compiler and core library source code. Late last week, Miguel de Icaza of the Mono project (which ports .NET languages to run on Linux, OS X, and other platforms) informed developers that they expect to be able to bring F# to many of the Mono platforms following the previous announcement.

Earlier this morning, Tomas Petricek announced the availability of the first beta release of his F# language binding for MonoDevelop. MonoDevelop is a cross-platform IDE for .NET, enabling C# and other language development on Linux and OS X as well as Windows. This plugin enables features in the MonoDevelop IDE that include syntax highlighting, interactive tool window support, and IntelliSense-style auto-completion; the source code is also available. Tomas has also written a howto guide for installing F# on Linux and OS X.

Also late last week, there was a minor update to the F# 2 free tools. If you have been making use of Microsoft’s addins for free versions of Visual Studio (which do not come with F# as standard), there are fixes for Mono behaviour and asynchronous web requests in the Windows Phone 7 F# libraries.

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