New version of MonoDevelop arrives as Mono future seemingly confirmed

Version 2.4.1 of MonoDevelop is now available. MonoDevelop is the cross-platform, open-source .NET IDE created as part of the Mono project, which aims to bring the .NET runtime and its associated languages to platforms other than Windows, such as Linux and Mac OS X. While 2.4.1 is mainly a bug fix release (addressing a long list of issues), it also adds support for .NET 4.0 projects in the IDE, and the GTK# designer under OS X. It requires Mono 2.6.1 and GTK# 2.12.8 in order to run, and is available from the Mono downloads page.

Miguel de Icaza, lead of the Mono project, has clarified his comments yesterday regarding the future of Mono following the announcement of Attachmate’s acquisition of Novell (the primary sponsor of the Mono project) yesterday. “The future of Mono is the same future of Mono 48 hours ago: bright, progressing and delivering joy to programmers” he said, following requests for comment on his blog. This follows his tweet yesterday, stating “Everything continues as-is, but now someone else pays our checks.”

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