This update to DockStudioXP introduces the following new features:

  • Platform independent unicode support - DockStudioXP can now display unicode text for Command, CommandBar, DockWindow, and DocumentWindow captions - even on non-native unicode platforms such as Windows® 98.
  • Localisation - All built-in user interface elements such as the run-time customization dialog box and window system menus can now be localised to a number of different languages.
  • Type-safe collection indexers - To help make working with the object-model easier from code, type-safe collection indexer methods have been added to the Commands, CommandBars, DockWindows, and DocumentWindows collections.
  • Automatic gray-scaled image generation - To improve the appearance of disabled high-color (256+ colors) toolbutton images, DockStudioXP can now automatically generate gray-scaled images instead of the standard etched images. This can be applied for all CommandToolButton objects, or for specific individual CommandToolButton objects, through the use of the CommandToolButtonStyle.DisabledImageStyle property.
  • CommandComboBox_DropDown event - To assist in on-the-fly population of combobox lists, a new DropDown event has been added to the CommandComboBox object.

In addition to

Dockable toolbars 

  • Office97, 2000, XP/Visual Studio.NET visual styles;
  • Automatic image generation for disabled/hot/pressed buttons;
  • Floating toolbars;
  • Drag and dock toolbars to any part of the form;
  • Drop shadows (XP Style);
  • Small and large icon support;
  • Inbuilt support for Most Recently Used lists;
  • Inbuilt support for Window lists;
  • Include combo boxes and text boxes on any menu or toolbar.

Visual Studio.NET style docking windows

  • Dock to any side of the application window;
  • Dock multiple windows in the same location to create Visual Studio.NET style Tab-docked windows;
  • DockWindows can be collapsed to buttons (ala Visual Studio.NET);
  • Control DockWindow state programmatically.

Integrated document management

  • Integrated support for SDI, MDI and Tabbed MDI document views;
  • Tab grouping support for Tabbed MDI mode, as implemented in Visual Studio.NET;
  • In Tabbed MDI mode, documents can be repositioned for side by side editing into logical groups, in any position, simply by dragging a tab into the desired position.

Visual layout designer

  • Fully visual designer;
  • Drag and drop tools to compose tool layout;
  • Drag and drop DockWindows at design time to design layout;
  • CSS-like style organisation makes it easy to apply and modify tool styles and properties;
  • Integrated image editor.

On-line help and samples

  • Comprehensive on-line help;
  • Full reference and conceptual information;
  • Example code;
  • Illustrative sample projects.

Comprehensive object model

  • Rich object model;
  • Programmatic access to both layout and dock state of tools and DockWindows;
  • CSS-like style organisation;
  • Innovative local/global event model.


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