Benny K. Mathew

Benny Mathew is the Founder, CEO of Seamless Integration Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has 10+ years of formal experience in the IT industry and has provided services to many of the well known multi-national companies. He was also an MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for two consecutive years. Prior to starting Seamless Integration Solutions, he was with Two Connect Inc. (Miami, FL), as a Solutions Architect. His work experience also includes working for IBM Global Services (India), Hewlett Packard (India Software Operations), Thomson Financials (Bangalore), and Delphi Software & IT Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore).

He is also a prolific writer and has co-authored several books and articles on .NET and BizTalk 2004/2006 for leading book publishers and developer portals such as Packt Publishing, Wrox Press, Apress, DevX, ASPToday, CSharpToday and DeveloperFusion. During his free time, Benny likes to read and write blogs and help people on the newsgroups related to BizTalk.

His fascination for computers started at the age of 14, when he first learnt to program on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum+, which also motivated him to relentlessly pursue his formal education in computers that culminated with a Masters in Computer Applications from University of Mysore, India.

You can reach him at: Website : Blog:

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