Manipulating the flow of time in guest OS possible?

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  • 9 years ago

    What I would like to accomplish here is to trick the guest OS, or actually certain programs running there, to believe time flows faster than it does.

    Example. A program executes a snip of code, waits five seconds and then executes another snip of code. I want the program believe those five seconds have passed after, say, two seconds. Kind of speeding things up. Or slowing things down if that would make me happy some day.

    I've read a little about changing the config file when running Windows XP as a host OS. Setting host.cpukHz to less than your physical CPU frequency. I thought that might work, but there seem to be no such option in VMware Fusion under OS X.

    Is it possible to do this somehow? Any neat maneuver which would accomplish this? Be my hero and let me know!

    I bid you all good night.

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