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  • 9 years ago

    Good Morning, Hopefully you can help, im acting on behalf of a company based in Andover, Hants. We manufacture & sell custom made products, of which there are varying sizes etc, hence various base costs. We work on set margins & to quote customers we use a calculator i created on excel so lots of formulas, lookups etc.

    We need to do two things

    1: to create a program that we can send to customers who are also our competition so security is a key, as they cannot see our base costs or margins, this can be online or offline. (if its security maybe not excel?)

    2: create another version for implementation on our website, for our "enduser" customers. This will contain different pricing structure but same base costs.

    With both we will need to change the backend so to speak, as our base costs are currently going up 2-3 times a year due to the economy. essentially the margins will remain the same. This is a problem as the margins vary alot, for example a bigger product has a lower margin & vice versa.

    Do you think this is something somebody could help with or am i in the wrong forum? If so i dont suppose you know what type of developer im looking for & can anybody point me in the right direction please? im nowhere near a developer etc so any help will be appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Sam Tel: 01264 354133

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