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flash Malaysia
  • 16 years ago

    i have a problem...(oh.. boy... dont everyone?? )
    well.. the thing is.. i have this code downloaded from a web site.. and i have made myown animation using the script...  in the original script .. the letters in a word fly by and aranged in order... but mine,... only the first letter is being repeated(duplicated) for the number of letters in a word...
    for example... My Page is the variable text.
    when run... i see six letter M's


    duplicateMovieClip ("char", "char" add i, i);
    set ("/char" add i add "/letter:char", substring(text, i, 1));
    setProperty ("/char" add i, _x, 50+Number(ikerning));
    setProperty ("/char" add i, _xscale, 7
    setProperty ("/char" add i, _yscale, 18*size);
    i = Number(i)+1;

    i have made the changes according to the original thing.. like the
    letter = first movie clip name..
    char = the animation clip name..

    did i miss anything else??
    or could you guys tell me the steps of making this kind of animations???

    thanks in advance

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