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  • 17 years ago

     Hi there

     I don't really understand how does the namespace of a webservice work.

     I create a webservice and then I have this atribute <WebServiceNamespace:="http://someuniquestring/MyWebService/")>

     After this I compile. In the WSDL of the webservice I can find this http://someuniquestring/MyWebService/.

      In a client application, lets say it's a web page I add a web reference to this service and my webservice is located in http://mymachine/webservice.asmx

      After I add the web service the namespace of my webservice is something like mymachine.webservice

      Where do I use this http://someuniquestring/MyWebService/ that I specify in the web service definition?

      I know what a namespace is , it's a method of having your own functions, that do not interfere and do not get in some naming conflict with other variables or other web services built by other coders/

        When I add the reference to the webservice I have to specify the URL of that webservice, so this is a unique way of defining the webservice , because of the URL that is unique.

      I haven't found until now a use for the <WebServiceNamespace:="http://someuniquestring/MyWebService/")>

      Maybe U can help me clarify this issue of mine about namespaces in webservices

      Thank you

  • 17 years ago

     Somebody, Anybody?? Is my question that hard?

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