a couple of questions

  • 16 years ago

    Hello. OK heres my first question- i am aware of scripts that automaticaly
    adjust graphics to the size of the window; does anyone know where i can find
    a script that automaticaly adjusts the entire document to the size of the
    window. I know that it exists, i am just having trouble finding it.
    here are my other two questions that I cannot figure out in Livemotion
    2.0. First does anyone know how to script it so that you can have
    an overstate scripted on a gotoandplay a scene, and then on the down
    state play a different scene. I scripted it with another gotoandplay
    except when i did this, you hve to hold down on the button as opposed
    as just clicking it. The second question i have requires a bit more
    setup. MY site has a couple of buttons on the side, and when you go
    over one of the buttons a shape comes in from the side. As from the
    preceding question, i want it to work so that when you click on the
    button, the shape expands, and takes up the entire space. However,
    what the second question is, if you do not click on the button, and
    you scroll off the button, i want another shape to come in that would
    have welcome etc. This would be easy if i scripted it into the normal
    state as a gotoandplay, however, if i did this and the person scrolled
    off the button, and then after a second, back onto another button, the
    scene would not be able to play correctly. I want to know if there is
    a way to script it so that if you scrolled over a button, then off,
    then onto another button, the "normal state" scene would play
    backwords and thus go off the screen, and once that was done, the new
    button's scene would play.


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