Please help the implementation of KillByNameProces

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  • 15 years ago

    My original question was:  How do I access menu commands in one program from a Delphi Form?

    I have figured out how to generate a simple Delphi 7 form with a button in it which will run an executable.  

     procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
           ShellExecute (Form1.Handle, 'open', 'c:\E3238s\bin\E3238s.exe', nil, nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

    My problem is I need to know how to access the menus that are a part of this executable.  For example how would I access the FILE menu in order to select EXIT.

    In light of the lack of a simple solution I am considering a different approach.  I will use the SHELLEXECUTABLE and a timer from Delphi in order to start the external program.  After the timer runs out I would like to use KillProcessByName in order to exit the external program.  So now can any one help me with the implementation and syntax for the KillProcessByName function?  Thank You.

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