• 11 years ago


     This is EdwinMuthu   i got the two query how can i pass this two query in the single
    Dataadapter and fill it this think in Single DataSet


    Thanks in advance

  • 11 years ago

    If you're using SQL Server, and probably some other databases too but not Access, you can separate multiple SQL statements with semicolons.

  • 11 years ago
    i am using Adapter u fill the grid can u say how can  fill the datagrid using DataReader
  • 11 years ago

    Let's be clear about what's happeneing here.  You don't fill a DataGrid with a DataAdapter or a DataReader.  There are two distinct steps involved.  You get the data from the database using a DataAdapter or DataReader and populate a DataTable, then you bind that DataTable to a DataGrid to display the data.  If you want to edit the data and then save it back to the database then you should use a DataAdapter.  If you just want to display the data, or at least not save any changes back to the database then a DataReader is a better option.  You'll find a code example of populating a DataTable using a DataReader here.

  • 11 years ago

    Thanku Very much it is working very fine

                what can i do to transfer the data in the datagrid to Excel sheet in window forms. I was workin

  • 11 years ago

    You have two choices when dealing with Excel.  You can use Office Automation and control an instance of the Excel application directly.  This is very powerful but a bit complex for what you want to achieve, plus it requires Excel to be installed on the local machine.  The other option is to treat Excel as a database and use ADO.NET.  This would be the better option in your case I think.  I suggest that you search MSDN for more information on your preferred method.  Note that using Excel with ADO.NET is virtually the same as using Access with ADO.NET with just a few small changes.  See for details.

  • 11 years ago

    Thanks for u Reply,

           U r Spending ur precious hour with me and clearing my doubts thanks a lot .

          I got a new task now and i need to submit it in Afternoon.  and u need to help me.
          The task is i got MdI Form and i have three child forms so when i opens the form1 it should open
        and where as when i opens the form2 the form1 remains open . So What i need is, When i opens
        the form2, form1 should be closed and similarly when form3 is opend the form1,form2 should be
        Closed .  Pls help me


    Thanks in Advanced

  • 11 years ago

    I would question the use of MDI if all you want is one window open at a time.  That said, the parent form has an MdiChildren property that is an array of Forms.  When you want to open a child, simply Close the first element of that array, if one exists.

  • 11 years ago

    Sorry Sir, I cant get U Sir


        If U Dont Mind,  Can u send the code plz

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