ADO.NET in VS 2005

  • 12 years ago


    I've got a child table called: Booking for saving user bookings, with three parent tables namely: User, Venue, and Booking Type. All in an Access DB, now here's my scenario: I want to insert data into the Booking table depending on on the type of  booking the user selects like so:

    1. if booking type is meeting, then only userID(FK), startDate, startTime, endTime, and venue must be saved, including booking type ofcourse. 

    2. if booking type is leave, then only userID(FK), startDate and endDate must be saved, including booking type ofcourse.

    2. if booking type is other, then only userID(FK), startDate, startTime, endTime, and description must be saved, including booking type ofcourse.

    In essence, the only required fields are: userID, bookingType, startDate, and the rest are optional.

    I want to achieve this in VB, and I am a newbie.

  • 12 years ago

    I found my answer, and it had nothing to do with relationsips as I mentioned above. The problem is with the SQL syntax. For VS 2005 to be able to read date/time values, each and every date/time value must be enclosed with hash(#) characters like so:

    DBComm.CommandText =

    "INSERT INTO Booking ( userID, [password], bookingType, startDate, endDate)VALUES ('" & lblUser.Text & "', '" & txtPass.Text & "', '" & cmbType.Text & "', #" & cmbStartD.Text & "#, #" & cmbEndD.Text & "#)"

  • 12 years ago

    You shouldn't be building SQL statements with string concatenation anyway.  You should be using parameters, e.g.

    INSERT INTO Booking (userID, [password], bookingType, startDate, endDate) VALUES (@userID, @password, @bookingType, @startDate, @endDate)

    Then you add parameters to your command object and set the values with actual Date objects.  Then there's no need to quote anything so it's never an issue, plus there are other advantages.

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