position a duplicate movieclip

  • 14 years ago

    can someone help me how to position a duplicate movie clip i'm having trouble with computation here's the code....

    the problem is that i can't position the movie clip myLetter with a certain condition the first for loop works fine but when it comes to the second loop the  position is kind of a mess

    by the way the second loop means an enter or the second line...

    it should  looks like this if the condition is met

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ _ 


    for (var j = 0; (j<guesslen && s!=">"); j++)
     s = guessword.charAt(j);
     var theLine = myLetter.duplicateMovieClip("myLetter"+theclip, theclip+1);
     theLine._x = xpos+((wclip+hspace)*j);
     theLine._y = ypos;
     theLine.letter = "M";
     if (s==">"){
     theLine._visible = false
    for (var j = j; j<guesslen; j++)
     s = guessword.charAt(j);
     hx = 1;
     var theLine = myLetter.duplicateMovieClip("myLetter"+theclip, theclip+1);
     theLine._x = 3*2
     trace(theLine._x )
     theLine._y = 260
     theLine.letter = "M";// just a textfield

    by the way its for hangman game .... :D

    thnx .. i'm really new at this....

  • 14 years ago

    Dear AngelDust

    MakeAsteroid() function and add the following code beneath the lines that position the duplicate movie clip:
         asteroidArray[num_clips] = _root["asteroid_mc" + num_clips];
    For more information click



  • 14 years ago

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