SQL Preprocessor in C++

  • 14 years ago

    I have to design a dynamic database in c++, which will be later used by some applications. At the moment of the design i dont know the actual data to be stored , So i must give the opportunity to the application programmer( user of database) to define the structure/format of data and creat Tables according to relative data structure.

                      I came accross the SQLPP ,and believe that it may be very helpful  to complete my task, but as far as i have learnd about SQLPP  it requires  DATABASE server etc , but in my case there is no database server, data will be stored in a file..simple File I/O operations.

    So my question is that CAN I USE SQLPP without  DATABASE servers ?

                  or if there is any other way to do this please help me. thanks a lot.


  • 14 years ago
    You might ahve a look at SQLite. It is a simple database and does most of the things you want.


  • 14 years ago


    If you wanna go for SQL Preprocessor for DB2 UDB, then the best apprach is to take the .SQC files (Embedded SQLs With C/C++ Language) as a input and can write the parser to preprocess all the EXEC SQL statements from these files and finally to generate a .C/.C++ file which can be passed as a input to C/C++ compiler.

    You can get samples of all lots of .sqc files when you install DB2 UDB ESE under samples.

    Thanks and Regards,

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