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  • 12 years ago

    Hi everybody,Big Smile <img src=" src="/emoticons/emotion-2a.gif">

    i'm trying to build a compiler using MFC application..

    i just wonna to ask wether the copmilers of known languages such c++ or java etc the whole code one time  and store it in a buffer or somthing (i.e in memory ) and then handle it line by line (which reduces I/O operations time and the speed is an aspect when designing  a complier ),or read each line from the hard (which reduces memory usage for such a very big file size especially that dealing with arrays in c++ is static!!), so plz let me know what do u think!? thanks

  • 12 years ago

    If you are going to build a compiler then you will need to do a lot of research on how they work, i would recommend that you read this thread.

    Hope this helps you.

  • 12 years ago
    thanks indeed for your help . and you're right , building a compiler demands well knowldge of how it works , i'm taking a compilers course at the university,but i also thouhgt it would be usful to share my ideas with other students ...thanks again 

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