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  • 13 years ago


    I just finished my application (with c++/CLI) and now I inserted the licence code, It worked perfectly until I tried it in another computer with a non administrator user login. The licence was basically a key calculated form the registry value
    ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography’ ‘MachineGuid’. With this key I calculated a string that is used to crossreference with the cliente’s name and create the activation password.

    The code used to obtain the key from registry is as follows:

    RegistryKey ^MyKey2 = Registry::LocalMachine->CreateSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Cryptography");
    CriptString = MyKey2->GetValue("MachineGuid")->ToString();

    Again, it works fine until I change the user. Is ther a way to obtain this key? Maybe trough ‘System.Security.Cryptography’?

    One other way I thought was with ‘System.Guid‘ if I could generate always the same GUID in the same machine, or find if it was created on that particular machine would be fine to.

    The third way I found was with ‘GetVolumeInformation API’ and use the disk serial to create my installation key. But the problem I found here is that I have to call unmanaged c++ code in my c++/CLI program and I’ve been getting these errors:

    Error 39 error C2872: 'IDataObject' : ambiguous symbol c:\...\include\oleidl.h 1760
    Error 43 error C2371: 'IDropTarget' : redefinition; different basic types c:\...\include\oleidl.h 4448
    And so on.

    Or is there another value in the registry that is on a accessible part of the registry am I can use to the licensing code?

    I’m a vb6/little VB.NET user and I just started with C++/CLI.

    Thanks in advance

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