Multi buffers problem

  • 13 years ago

    I'm currently using the code on the documenation page called as a base for a gui i'm making in fullscreenexclusive mode, but i'm having a but of performance problems with it. On my own system it works great i get around 40-60fps, on some systems how ever i get 1fps. Most of the systems that perform good are using ATI cards and the ones that aren't doing so well are Intel or NVidia cards. I thought this relevent but don't know how to do anything about it.

    I searched around and found how to enable opengl mode, and that apparently speeds up some of the slow computers but not all. increasing the number of buffers from 4 to 10 also helped some but not all.

    I did form an hypothisis but it doesn't seem to hold true, i thought that maybe pcs with page flipping on need a higher amount of buffers, hence why 10 worked and pcs with only graphics accelleration don't need this and 4 would suffice. But again this doesn't seem to always be true.

    Another hack we've tried is faking the fullscreen mode. basically just a resized frame to fill the screen and undecorated, which helps, but doesn't give us nearly the performance it should be giving.

    So i was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions as to what we can do..

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