What is Project::Subclass::NativeWindowsEvent and how to use it?

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  • 10 years ago

    <p>(1) What is Project::Subclass::NativeWindowsEvent and how to use it? I've got codes in old C++ syntax and I want to change it to the new one. // =================================================================== // NativeWindow Subclassing // =================================================================== ref class Subclass : public System::Windows::Forms::NativeWindow { public: delegate void WindowsEventHandler(Object ^sender, Message ^uMsg); event WindowsEventHandler ^NativeWindowsEvent; Subclass(IntPtr pWindowHandle) { this->AssignHandle(pWindowHandle); } void SendWndProc( System::Windows::Forms::Message ^uMsg ) { //super::WndProc(uMsg); } protected: void WndProc( System::Windows::Forms::Message ^uMsg ) { //__super::WndProc(uMsg); if ( Project::Subclass::NativeWindowsEvent != nullptr ) Project::Subclass::NativeWindowsEvent(this, uMsg); } }; When I compiled it, the error message was: Error C3918: usage requires 'Project::Subclass::NativeWindowsEvent' to be a data member see declaration of 'Project::Subclass::NativeWindowsEvent' How to change it to the new C++ syntax? (2) What is "__super" in old C++ syntax converted to new C++ syntax? Thank you very much.


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