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  • 15 years ago

    i know, but vb gets read more than the other topics, besides it keeps moderators busy...

    i want an html/javascript to have a textbox and a button.

    when the button is pressed, the textbox data is saved to a cookie and then another webpage is loaded..

    please make it simple (and use FrontPage)

    ive dealt with cookies and data saving before, but cant find my examples..

    please help

    my idea is this:

    have an html page that you fill in like a form.  when the button is clicked the webbrowser navigates to a certain page. In Webbrowser1.navigate I monitor for navigation to this certain page. this indicates that the form has been filled in. VB then loads the data from the cookie and does whatever to it...

    The page script is my biggest problem (new to Java/Html)
    and yes I did try something like this a while ago..

    I was beaten by complications.

  • 15 years ago

    now that i've moved u to the correct forum ....

    try taking a look @

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