Which is harder to learn Java or C++ ?

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  • 12 years ago
    I would rate myself as a beginner/intermediate VB.NET programmer - very good at scripting with VBScript. So I haven't really touched on either Java or C++ or any "real" programming since I personally consider VB.NET cheating as you're really just drawing and filling in the gaps with code you can search for online!!!! Could someone recommend to me one or the other ? my destination platform would be both Linux and Windows.
  • 12 years ago

             As far as object orientated programming goes, the fundamentals are very similar. I learned c++ first, and found it harder to learn that java. But that could have been because it was my first language.

    What I am certain of though, is that java is much more sought after now than C++. So it may be more beneficial for you to learn that first to become a  java script programmers.

    As far as compilers go, for just starting off in object orientated programming, then you might want to go for a compiler called "bluej". It's a very simple GUI interface, to get you used to classes.


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