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    The factorial function, n! is defined as follows for all non-negative integers n:

    0! = 1

    n! = n × (n − 1)! (n > 0)

    We say that a divides b if there exists an integer k such that

                 k × a = b

    The input to your program consists of several lines, each containing two non-negative integers, n and m, both less than 231.


    For each input line, output a line stating whether or not m divides n!, in the format shown below.

    Sample Input

    6 9

    6 27

    20 10000

    20 100000

    1000 1009
    Sample Output
    9 divides 6!

    27 does not divide 6!

    10000 divides 20!

    100000 does not divide 20!

    1009 does not divide 1000!


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