Error while compiling my tester class

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  • 12 years ago
    Hi Guys, I get an error while compiling my tester class. Can someone help me ? my code is below with comments for your attention public class Course { //Main Java Class ************************************** // **************************************************************************** private String CourseName,setName,getName; private int ModuleCode,Students,CourseDetails,Duration,setCode,setStudents; private int setDetails,setDuration,getStudents,getDetails,getDuration,getCode; private float HoursPerWeek,setHours,getTotalHours,getCost,getHours; //Constructors **************************************************************** public Course(String name, int code){ CourseName = name; ModuleCode = code; } public Course(int number, int details){ Students = number; CourseDetails = details; } public Course(float hours, int time){ HoursPerWeek = hours; Duration = time; } //Transformares *************************************************************** public void setName(String name){ setName = name; } public void setCode(int code){ setCode = code; } public void setStudents(int number){ setStudents = number; } public void setDetails(int details){ setDetails = details; } public void setHours(float hours){ setHours = hours; } public void setDuration(int time){ setDuration = time; } //Calculate total hours ******************************************************* public float calculateTotalHours(){ return ((HoursPerWeek+Duration)); } //Calculate course cost for staff ********************************************* public double calculateCost(){ return ((getCost-14.52)); } //Accessors ******************************************************************* public float getTotalHours(){ return HoursPerWeek+Duration; } public float getCost(){ return getCost; } public String getName(){ return CourseName; } public int getCode(){ return ModuleCode; } public int getStudents(){ return Students; } public int getDetails(){ return CourseDetails; } public float getHours(){ return HoursPerWeek; } public int getDuration(){ return Duration; } } //Close class *************************************************************** Tester Class Below: public class CourseTest { public static void main( String[] args){ Course coursename1 = new Course("NQ Computing"); Course modulecode1 = new Course("DH356"); Course students1 = new Course("20"); Course coursedetails1 = new Course("This course is designed for students who want to progress to HNC and HND in computing"); Course hoursperweek1 = new Course("21"); Course duration1 = new Course("1 Year"); System.out.println("Name 1 "+coursename1.getName()+" Code 1"+modulecode1.getCode()); System.out.println("Number 1"+students1.getStudents()+" Details 1"+coursedetails1.getDetails()); System.out.println("Hours 1 "+hoursperweek1.getHours()+"Time 1"+duration1.getDuration()); System.out.println("Total hours = "+hoursperweek1.getHours()+"duration1.getDuration()"); System.out.println ("Course cost for staff =+getCost-14.52"); } } Compiler error below: Course hoursperweek1 = new Course("21"); C:\Course\src\ cannot find symbol symbol : constructor Course(java.lang.String) location: class Course Course duration1 = new Course("1 Year"); 6 errors BUILD FAILED (total time: 1 second)
  • 12 years ago
    I can't see constructor of "Course (String)", and also I suppose, if you need Int "code" optional, you should specify its value as "Course (String, Int=%)"
  • 12 years ago
    Thanks, I dit it already.

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