How to schedule an email using ASP ?

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  • 12 years ago
    Hi Friends, I am working on ASP and Oracle 9i. We have a requirement wherein a status report has to be emailed to a set of users every morning at 10.00 am. We would like this status report to be automatically emailed to the set of users at 10.00 am. 1. Can this be done using ASP alone ? 2. Can you suggest some solutions / work arounds for achieving this ? Thanks shyam
  • 12 years ago
    Hi, I am not sure it can without some clever sort of trickery. You shouldn't rely on threads on a website coming alive at a set point in time as the threads are destroyed after a set amount of activity. Do you have access to one of the servers that the site runs on or a machine that is on 24/7? If you do, then what you can do is use task scheduler to run a task at a set time, this task will fire a website link which can activate the site to send the mail. Hope that points you in the right direction. Si

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