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  • 11 years ago
    how can i apply the design patterns in a weather monitoring system this is the scenario **Weather Monitoring Station** This system must provide automatic monitoring of various weather conditions. The system will have sensors to measure: Wind speed Wind direction Temperature Barometric pressure Humidity The system must also provide the following derived measurements. Wind chill(derived from temperature, wind speed and humidity). Dew point temperature(derived from temperature and humidity) Temperature trend(derived from recent temperature readings) Barometric pressure trend(derived from recent pressure readings) The user can request the system to report the highest and lowest values of any of the four primary measurements during the previous 24 hour period. The user has a screen display that continuously indicates all nine primary and derived measurements, as well as the current time and date. The user may direct the system to display the 24 hour maximum or minimum values of one primary measurement, together with the time of that report value. The user will be able to calibrate the sensors against known values and to set the current time and date.

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