integrated system dashboard - Python/Django? OOo Base? Other?

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  • 11 years ago

    I'm about to start a fairly large project for a mid-sized business with a lot of integration with other systems (POS, accounting, website, inventory, purchasing, etc.) The purpose of the system is to try to reduce current data siloing and give employees role-based access to the specific data entry and reports they need, as well as to replace some manual and redundant business processes. The system needs to be cross-platform (Windows/Linux), open source and is primarily for LAN use.

    My experience is mostly PHP/web/app development, but I have developed a few LAN apps using Java/Servoy (like Filemaker). I am leaning towards Python/Django - but wondering whether this may be unnecessarily web-specific. I really felt Servoy development was very rapid, and it was cross-paltform, but it was not open source (not to mention that anything custom needed to be Java which I find too verbose/ slow to develop in). Or maybe Open Office Base and some scripting is sufficient to handle my needs.

    So, my main question is: Does a web framework like Django sound like a reasonable platform to build a LAN Dashboard for a mid-sized company? Or am I thinking too much like a web developer?

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • 11 years ago


    After extensive research on the matter, I have come to the conclusion that a web framework is indeed the best way to go about my solution. In particular, I have found Python/web2py to be an exciting candidate because of its rapidness and ability to deal with multiple DB products.

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