Worcester Web Technology

Worcester county is far enough out from the metro west meetups and a long way out from the Boston meetups. This group is for people working in or interested in web technologies like JavaScript, jQuery, Ext JS, PHP, Rails, ColdFusion, Django, Java, Flex, Actionscript etc. Since mobile application development fits in closely we will also inlcude iOS and Android talks and traing.

The focus of this meetup will be on doing hands-on technology training so please plan to bring your laptop to the meetups.

Events coming up

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Past events

  • Ruby on Rails Talk

    12-13 Oct 2011 in Worcester, United States

    This meetup was previously scheduled and I would like to keep it. We have been working with Ruby on Rails for about 4 years and would like to share our experiences regarding this great language and framework. We will walk through setting up a project and cover as much as possible all the components that make up this rapid application development platform.

  • Let's discuss jQuery and what we want out of the Group.

    10-11 Mar 2011 in Worcester, United States

    Here is a great chance to network with local people interested in web technology.Free pizza, salad and soda will be served.  We are planning to get the food from Ziti's Italian Trattoria.  Ziti's is Worcester's portal to Boston's North End.  are going to discuss jQuery, providing some history of the jQuery library. We will get an overview of how it works and how you can use it. We will see live examples of jQuery in enterprise applications, corporate web portals and simple websites as well.

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