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Greater Seattle area is rich in technical and artistic talent, yet it's hard to find people from various backgrounds working together creating and discussing something revolutionary. They typically stick to their silo specialized groups or communities, for example developers join technology specific forums and designers hop around in the community of their fellow designers and artists. This MeetUp is call for action for designers and developers to come together and learn from each other, come up with new and fresh ideas and create awesome stuff together; apps or whatever. Typically designer will have an idea but no technical skills to complete it and the same goes for developers who think of some solution but cannot deliver it in an aesthetically or design sensible manner - no matter how great the solution or app is, design is usually the first casualty; which typically is not realized in most cases and is a cause for unnecessary or undeserving failure. This group will primarily focus on Silverlight technology as a platform for developers and designers. Silverlight is not a new kid in the block anymore. It has immense potential and is full of capabilities. If you can dream it, Silverlight platform can help realize it. Developers and Designers should come together to explore and harness its capabilities for their dream Interactive Applications, Infographics, MultiTouch applications, mobile apps, so on and so forth. Please join this group so that we can form a strong community of designers and developers together by helping each other realize our ideas and tap into skillsets that are locally available. Whether it's for business or a side project, talent is always needed, as for that matter knowing the right people and the community is always the key. We will meet on monthly basis in Pioneer Square Area on first Thursdays of the month in order to coincide with monthly Art Walk. Idea is to bring fresh inspiration in a collective and timely fashion. Art Walk + Designer/Developer collaboration - it doesn't get any better than this. Exact location will be announced before the first kickoff meeting; will definitely going to be in the heart of Pioneer Square Area. Developers + Designers = Devigners

Group Logo Background By: PixomarModified with Silverlight LogoSilverlight® is a registered trademark used for Computer Software For Browsing the Internet and Private Networks and owned by Microsoft Corporation.

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