Charlotte ALT.NET

This is the website of the Charlotte ALT.NET group. We are a group of Charlotte developers interested in .NET and sharing knowledge about the best in software technology and practices. This includes but is not limited to things such as Test Driven Development, Distributed Source Control, Agile Methodologies, NHibernate, and Model View Controller web frameworks.

Events coming up

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Past events

  • Secrets of a .NET Ninja

    13-14 Nov 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    Topic: Secrets of a .NET NinjaSpeaker: Chris EargleSponsor: TEKsystemsLocation: TBD

  • Surfing your media with Roku and node.js

    14-15 Aug 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    Topic: Surfing your media with Roku and node.jsIn this presentation, we'll cover creating a simple, yet effective media server using node.js. We'll also look at serving content from this media server to an inexpensive and powerful set top box -- the Roku.We'll walk through the steps of indexing media directories, gathering thumbnails/album art, and finally playing this media back on a custom Roku channel/application.Speaker: Ernest Wilkerson

  • How to use MDD and MCG to Hyper-Drive RAD!

    10-11 Jul 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    Topic: How to use MDD and MCG to Hyper-Drive RAD!In this presentation we?ll take a look at how to combine Model Driven Design techniques & Model Code Generation along with industry best practice architectural patterns and reusable frameworks to create an extreme rapid application development environment that is simple, extendable, flexible, and applicable to any enterprise software solution.Speaker: Bill WilliamsBill Williams has 27 years experience developing software.

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