Toronto .NET Hackers

This group meets to program in .NET, on the spot, in real time, on our computers. Of course we can be social too while collaborating on ideas and work. The intention of this group is to promote an environment where .NET work gets done during the session, where ideas are fostered and where our experiences rub off on one another. What to bring Bring a laptop or device to code on. (A full battery charge is good too, just in case.) Bring projects and ideas.  Choose to work on your own projects or to help somebody else with theirs if you like a different idea. We will self-assemble, work on .NET endeavours and talk about what we're each doing on a voluntary basis. No pressure.  Who is this for? This group is for any .NET developer no matter experience level: from the most experienced people to students, even for people wanting to try .NET for the first time in a supportive and like-minded environment. What you work on is totally up to you. What flavour of .NET development? Any kind of .NET development is welcome from Microsoft to Mono; micro, mobile, desktop, web services, code libraries, plug-ins, etc. Anything based around .NET is good.

There's no restriction on what .NET language, framework version or platform you can use. You might be into a mainstream .NET syntax like C# or VB.NET, into functional F#, or into something more obscure and powerful like Nemerle, or you might code in pure CIL. It's really up to you. 

Why the name "Hackers"? The Hackers idea came from the Toronto JavaScript Hackers meetup. Their focus is on producing JavaScript things during sessions. I highly recommend that group too: The word "Hackers" purposefully conveys "action" and "doing" because ours is not a regular User Group. Many .NET User Groups already exist. User groups tend to lack the hands-on work that our group does. 

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