Rajinder Yadav

I am looking for people to help me out with this NEW group to organize and create events. If you would like to get involved please send me an email.

The DevMentor.org Ruby on Rails community events will be a place to have fun, learn and mentor.

We're just getting started, the goal for now is simple. Grow community, build excitement, find sponsors and kick-off crazy fun activity weekends:

  • Mentor Fest
  • Hack Fest
  • Dev Fest

Mentor Fest

Here we come together with short-topics prepared to teach others around Ruby, Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML. This idea is to pick a small topic to talk about for 10 to 30 min. For those who don't like talking in large groups we can buddy you up in smaller groups or 1on1 to make it more comfortable for you. Everyone will be expected to give back to this community, there will be many ways to do this, so everyone will get a change to make their contributions as a mentor. If you're shy, don't worry, come out and have fun.

Teaching others is the best way to learn. Mentor fest will help you prepare and focus of a particular subject topic, and best of all you get to do it within a loving and supported environment. Overtime everyone will begin to shine and become more at easy talking about a subject and you will become more knowledgeable and well verse in various subjects.

Hack Fest

Here we take what we've learned from the Mentor Fest and hack away with exercises to help you develop skills by applying your knowledge. This will be a bring your laptop day!

Dev Fest

Here you get to pull it all together from Mentor Fest to Hack Fest. This is a weekend event where people come together, create a website from nothings and have lots of fun doing it. Since we are big fans of Ruby on Rails, the website at the events will need to be built using Ruby on Rails. On Dev Fest you will be able to invite other non-ruby web developers and designers to build your own weekend team.

Who knows maybe in the future we could have friendly revelry with Python+Django, and the PHP web developers to prove to them once & for all why Ruby on Rails ROCKS!!!

Come join me in creating a fun supportive place for Ruby on Rails & Website designer geeks to hang out, learn and teach.

This group is free to join, you will never be asked for money.

Kind Regards, Rajinder Yadav


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