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I am starting this group to put together a team of software professionals to work in a partnership to do software projects in New York City.

I am a software Guru, having coded in over 30 languages, and databases, including Java, PHP, ColdFusion, Oracle, MySql, SQL-Server, Informix, 4D, Objective C, SmallTalk, Pascal, Tcl/tk and many others. Recently I have also been involved in Python and Ruby, the newer languages. My background includes directing mission critical software projects for the largest companies in the US. I am also an expert in the SEO/PPC space.

I want to work and partner with novice programmers who want to join my new team, do the work and learn new technologies.

Have you ever seen a project that you would like to do, but you were afraid that with your skill level, you couldn't handle the project by yourself? That's where I come in.

I have the experience and expertise to create top notch proposals, and to do the design and programming. But I don't want to do all the grunt work. I am a little older and tired of crunching code all day. But I still want to teach, and design, and help my group of novice programmers acquire new skills.

Then I can build a software company again, with your help, as a partner, not a low paid employee.

This is what I am offering: 1) We both market, and find the work (you must help find leads for projects and market the services we are offering) 2) I help close the deal by providing expert presentation skills, including an office, and web servers, and company websites that are impressive. 3) I direct the project and provide all the solutions to the difficult parts, 4) you, and the team, do the grunt work in design and programming, and use me when you need to 5) You have an office, my office, to use as a headquarters. 6) You learn the skills you need, while making money, to move ahead. 7) We earn $$$$, and you are treated with respect and treated fairly. The skills you will learn include how to write proposals and designs, project management, and software skills in coding languages and databases.

If you partner with me, with my background and ability, you will have the support to tackle any software project in New York City, immediately.

I am looking for a few good novice programmers who want to build a long term relationship instead of job hopping. Hoorah

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