Append Unicode characters to String

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  • 8 years ago
    Hello all, I have a string of 4 Unicode chars in the format: U+9ffU+5a01U+6c7dU+8eca. U+ : represents the beggining of the char series. I need to get the .Net string, in this case we want to get 4 Chinese letters: 駿威汽車 There is "the normal way" to use otomatic parsing of string: string st = "\u99ff\u5a01\u6c7d\u8eca"; (and we get st = 駿威汽車) but it is good just for copiler time and not for run time. and the next code also don't work string st = "U+99ffU+5a01U+6c7dU+8eca"; st = st.Replace("U+", @"\u"); string st1 = st; Any Ideas'?
  • 8 years ago
    Hi - welcome to developerFusion! You should be able to do something like this: StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); int characterCode = Convert.ToInt32("99ff", 16); // convert from Hex to standard int sb.Append((char)code); // append this character Debug.WriteLine(sb); Hope that helps
  • 8 years ago
    Thanks James, It will work, Regards

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