nOOb question: How do I encapsulate in Visual Web Developer Express 2008?

visual studio , csharp , encapsulation , express Miami, United States
  • 8 years ago
    Ok I get what encapsulation is, and it's great & wonderful I got it no need to keep selling me on it. But where the f... do I put it? All my classes are webpages like Default2 and MasterPage. If I try to create a class in one of the codebehind files, I can't reference it from anywhere. I put in in the codebehind, and I can use it in that codebehind. But I have another page on the same website that I want to do pretty much the same thing... but I have to re-rwite all the same methods all over again, thus defeating the point behind encapsulation in the first place. So I tried moving my methods into the masterpage codebehind but now I can't find any of them... so I close w/o saving and go back to where I was before, asking the question, where the f... do I put classes and methods that I want to reuse?

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