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C# is a strong, modern, object-oriented and type-safe programming language. Also, C# provides the simplicity of Visual Basic with the power of C++. C# probably will prove tobe themost important new programming language since the advent of Java. C# brings togetherVisual Basic simplicity, Java specification and the power of C++. At this point, I should say Borland at an earlier datedeveloped products such as Delphi and C++ Builder which have offer some of the benefits of C#.But neither ofthese products has achieved thepopularity of VB or Visual C++.

The problem for C and C++ programmers was a rapid development combined with the power to access all the functionality of the underlying platform. Programmers want an environment that is completely in sync with emerging Web standards and one that provides easy integration with existing applications. Also, C and C++ developers would like the ability to code at a low level when and if the need arises.

Under this light, Microsoft solution to this problem is a language called C#. Basically, C# is the premier language being promoted by Microsoft for the .NET Platform. C# has been created by Anders Heljsberg, famous for creating the Turbo Pascal Compiler and the leader of the team that designed Delphi, and Scott Wiltamuth from Microsoft working with Microsoft’s Visual J++ team.

The .NET framework's Common Language Runtime (CLR) is much similar to Java Virtual Machine (JVM), in terms of garbage collection, security, just in time compilation (JIT). However, the fundamental difference arises from the variance in perception of the Sun's Java design team headed by James Gosling and that of Microsoft's C# designers spear headed by Anders Hejlsberg (Microsoft transfer him from Borland).

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the runtime environment of the .NET framework, which manages the execution of code and provides services. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is also proposed for ECMA standard. However, The ECMA documents refer the CLR as Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It has five components namely

Using C# requires the Common Language Runtime and the .NET Framework class library. That means C# is not Java or VB (neither C++ Builder). It is a new programming language. Microsoft decided to develop an Object Oriented and Web compatible programming language derived from C, C++ and Java. The result is C# and C# is stronger, more advantageous and easier to use than the others.

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