A comparison of C/C++ and C#

What really is C#?

First of all C# is a programming language. It has a power to develop software. It is a strong language for network and internet programming. C# has redefined the programming landscape. In addition, C# designed with the need of C/C++ and Java programmers. Microsoft created it with Anders Hejlsberg the former Turbo Pascal and Delphi luminary whom was the most prominent Borland staff also Jbuilder team worked together with him. This new language has been developed specifically with the .NET framework in mind, and as such is designated to be the .NET developer's language of choice. One very important matter about C#, it is the first component oriented programming language.

The hot topic at the moment though is not its relation to C/C++ or Visual basic, but how it compares to Java and Delphi. Why Delphi? Because Anders has had a prime role during C# developing. C# inherits some of it's characteristics from C++ and also is an object oriented language. C# has the functionality of Java, Delphi and Visual Basic and it a very strong language. You can not reject Delphi similarity because theoretically Borland was trying to do the same thing with Borland C++ Builder working on Delphi. But C# has the most functionality of Java and C++ and theoretical similarity with Delphi and Visual Basic to use this Java and C++ functionality in a RAD environment. You may remember properties term from both Delphi and Visual Basic. On the other hand, when I read "C# combines the high productivity of Microsoft Visual BasicĀ® with the raw power of C++" I quickly remember Borland's words for introduction to Borland C++ Builder. What does all mean? C# is not a clone of Java. C# has more compatibility, functionality and similarity than Java. Also, C# more similar to C++ as a programming language. C# stay much closer to C++.

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