Create your own Web Server using C#

Compilation & Execution

To compile the program from the command line:


In my version of .net I don't need to specify any library name, may be for old version we require to add the reference to dll, using /r parameter.

To run the application simply type the application name and press Enter..


Now, let say user send the request, our web server will identify the default file name and sends to the browser.


User can also request the Image file..


Possible Improvements

There are many improvements can be made to the WebServer application. Currently it does not supports embedded images and no supports for scripting. We can write our own Isapi filter for the same or we can also use the IIS isapi filter for our learning purpose. The code to write basic Isapi filter is very well explained at ISAPI Filters: Designing SiteSentry, an Anti-Scraping Filter for IIS


This article gives very basic idea of writing Web server application, lots of improvement can be done. I'll appreciate if I can get any comments on improving the same. I am also looking forward for adding the capabilities of calling Microsoft Isapi Filter from this application.

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