Using ADO.NET, XML & XSL to generate HTML


If your website has several pages with a similar layout it can become a pain to update using an HTML editor. What is needed is a way to automate the page generation from database tables, XML, & XSL files. By separating content and page layout for you website it is much easier to update repetitive content or easily change the style of every page.  Simple content can be maintained in a database.  Other content can be maintained in XML files.  More complex content can be generated using your favorite HTML editor without worrying about the extras that go on the top, bottom and sides of the page.  Using a program or script all the pieces can be put together to build a complete website.  A batch process can be used to generate the pages to be uploaded to a server where you don't have access to server side scripting or programming.  By keeping your content and style sheets modular you will be more prepare for the day when you can move your site to an ASP.NET server.  Modular content will be needed when you start thinking about supporting multiple browser types, such as mobile devices and voice.

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