Simple DOM Access


The Simple DOM Access (SDA) provide a very abstract perspective for interacting with an xml structure. The xml structure only contains elements named "node". Creating an xml structure with only node elements provides for easy search capabilities when using the selectSingleNode and selectNodes methods of the Document Object Model (DOM).

<node parent_key="na" key="root" element_name="content" ></node>

The secret to identifing relationships in the xml structure is maintained by the "parent_key" and "key" attributes. The "key" attribute must be a unique alpha-numeric phrase. The key is used to find any node element in the xml structure. "node" elements can be added anywhere in the xml structure by using the "parent_key" to find the parent node and appendChild the new node into the structure. Likewise, removing a node requires the "parent_key" and the "key". Attributes are associated with a particular "node" element. A "node" is retrieved using the "key" attribute filter match. An attribute is set to the "node" attribute and its value assigned. Likewise, attributes can be remove from an element. The javascript package to access methods in the Simple DOM Access is call "sda"

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